4 Session Beginner Yoga Workshop

Curious about yoga?  Have you been practicing only online?  Lapsed yogi?   This workshop is for you!

Come build strength & flexibility while feeling the calm peace of mind that yoga offers!

This four-class series is perfect for anyone curious about yoga, anyone who has been practicing mainly online, and lapsed yogis who are ready to come back to the mat. We will focus on fundamentals and building a strong foundation for safe practice in a warm, welcoming, supportive environment.

Each of the four 90-minute classes will have a clear focus, and over the series, we will cover standing poses, forward bends, back bends, twists, balance poses, and more.

At the end of the course, you will know:

• foundational poses which you will encounter in many yoga classes

• basic alignment principles to protect against injury and support a lifelong practice

• common yoga terminology

• how to find a class and teacher that suits you best

As an ancient practice, yoga has deep roots and many traditions. Yoga is also a contemporary living & breathing practice that has evolved to support us in our modern lives. In this workshop, we will honor the deep roots and traditions while finding how yoga can best fit you and your life.

yoga illustration
Illustration of 4 people sitting in Lotus position

Course Details

Classes will be held on four consecutive Saturdays, Feb. 25, March 4, March 11 & March 18 from 9:30-11:00AM

Location: Yoga & Wellness 245 Sir Francis Drake Bl, San Anselmo.

This series is also being offered on Zoom.

Day 1
Strong Foundations
Day 2
Breath & Movement

Day 3
Stoke the Fire

Day 4
Bring it All Together

Standing poses
Warrior 1 & 2
Core Strength
Downward Facing Dog
Yoga Terms
Vinyasa Principles
Breathing in Asana
Core Strength Pt 2
Balance Poses
Challenging vs Harming
Finding Ease in Effort
Sun Salutation Variations
What Practice is Best for You
A Whole Body Sequence
Restorative Yoga

Cost: $80 for the series

Questions? Would you like more information? Just ask!

James Sanders,

RYT500 yoga instructor

As a longtime yoga practitioner, I experience the richness a steady yoga practice brings to life.  Way back in high school (in the 80s!) I found yoga in a bookshop (thank you Ram Dass) and began practicing.  

Flash forward to 2017, I decided to take a deeper dive into yoga and signed up for my first 200 hour teacher training.  This was with Sienna Smith.  That training opened my eyes to the value of an alignment based yoga. My practice prior to this was rife with poor habits which had left me with a variety of injuries.  By paying close attention to my body and developing a sustainable practice, those injuries are mostly healed.

Most recently I have been training with Tias & Surya Little of Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe.I received my 500 hour certification after training with them, as well as, a credential to teach SATYA (more about SATYA here). This training with Prajna is deeply infused with study of the subtle body, the nexus of Dharma and yoga, healing trauma and yoga anatomy.

My teaching is all about creating a healthy, sustainable yoga practice which will benefit students well in to old age.

As far as this Beginner Yoga Workshop goes, our classes will focus on building strength and flexibility in a non-inuring way.  Learning good habits right off the bat will yield great results in your ongoing practice.  You will be encouraged to pay close attention to how your body feels and how to find a calm mind in the face of physical effort.