James Sanders Yoga

Let your heart take flight! 90 minute yoga class

illustration of woman in ustrasana pose under the moon

When we practice ‘heart opening’ poses we cultivate our senses of connection, compassion and well being. Physically, we are opening our chest and front body while strengthening and flexing our back body. Our deep survival instincts want us to protect our front body from attack, so these poses require our mind to calm those instinctual fears and tell ourselves ‘I am safe’. When we realize that we are safe, we can act from a place of love and compassion for ourselves and other.

Join us on Saturday June 10th at 9:15 for this 90 minute class. We will meet in person at Yoga & Wellness in San Anslemo (aka Sienna Smith Wellness) and the class will also be on Zoom. So come along, in-person or online! Sign up at siennasmith.com There is no extra cost for this longer Saturday class, it is treated as any other class at Yoga & Wellness.

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