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December Newsletter ~ winter yoga practice and the solstice

moon w campfire

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The Winter Solstice is coming soon.  The days are still growing shorter, the nights longer and colder

We are heading into a season where everything which will sprout and blossom in the spring lies dormant, full of potential.  Our yoga practice can embody this in a wonderful way.  We tend the fire inside to keep warm, and we build our strength as a foundation for what’s to come.  Our poses may look still and effortless from the outside, but inside we feel the energy flowing and much work being done.  

In that spirit, my intention over the next couple of months is to focus on building our foundations which will make more poses accessible as we go into next year.  Hopefully, in doing so, we will continue into our years ahead with stronger more capable bodies that can better withstand time and aging. 

Now for some practicalities. 

In Woodacre, I’ve been leading classes in the ‘old’ yoga room. The big room is just too hard to heat up and the little room gets nice and warm.  Also,  we can more easily use walls and chairs to broaden our practice.

 I’m planning on teaching on New Years Day in Woodacre, so I hope you will join the class!  

Yoga & Wellness in San Anselmo (where I teach a couple of times a week) is having an Open House on Saturday, January 14th.  It’s not totally set yet, but probably from 9-2 starting with some classes then kind of an open session.  Pencil it in, more details to come soon.

See you soon!

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