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Yoga for Blissful Sleep, 4 Wednesdays at Yoga & Wellness, San Anselmo

Yoga and sleep practices for a restful sleep

I’m so happy to announce my new class on Wednesday evenings 6PM at Yoga & Wellness in San Anselmo beginning on January 17th!

Join us for a unique yoga journey! These Wednesday evening classes will have a topic which unfolds over four sessions, providing a deep and enriching experience. Every 4 weeks, we’ll embark on a new theme, exploring various aspects of yoga, mindfulness, self-care, and self-discovery.  You can expect a mix of classic Hatha yoga, Vinyasa, and Restorative poses, and the mix will align with the theme for the class. This format allows for a comprehensive understanding before we transition to our next exciting theme. Come, be part of this continuous flow of learning and growth. 

These classes will be held in-person at Yoga & Wellness, 245 Sir Francis Drake Bl. San Anselmo CA. They will also be on Zoom, so you can join in from afar. Sign up at SiennaSmith.com

Our 4 class first topic is Yoga for Blissful Sleep! This series is your gateway to discovering how yoga can unlock restful nights.

Through Hatha yoga poses that melt away the day’s stress, breathing exercises to settle your mind, and meditative practices; we will build skills and find tools to guide you into a deeper, more rejuvenating sleep. This isn’t just a workshop; it’s an experience to change your nights and your days. Whether you’re a night owl struggling to fall asleep, or you’re flustered by insomnia, join us to embrace the power of yoga and build skills which support restful sleep. A good night’s sleep isn’t just a dream—it’s a practice.

No need to sign up for the whole series, you can come on a drop-in basis or use your studio membership.  These new ongoing Wednesday evening classes will change themes every 4 weeks, so after Blissful Sleep we’ll move on and explore new exciting terrain. 

Starts Wednesday January 17th 6PM – 7PM.

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