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New Class! Thursdays 10:30AM in San Anselmo

woman sitting in lotus pose on balancing rocks

Great news! I have added a new class at Yoga & Wellness in San Anselmo on Thursdays at 10:30. This is a gentle Hatha Yoga class. Think of it as Restorative with a little extra fire. Check out the studio schedule and book classes on SIenna Smith’s website

Here’s the class description :

A perfect class to release stress and tension, and learn how to move the body in a fluid way that works best for your needs and goals. In this class, you will be guided by an expert yoga therapist in gentle, rhythmic, and static yoga poses and physical therapy exercises that are easy on the joints yet also build alignment, integrity, and stability in the body. We will use breathing techniques while moving in and out of postures and resting on the back. One technique worth mastering is the ability to direct prana (lifeforce) to areas in the body with discomfort or tension patterns that need our attention and awareness to heal. In addition, the breath is powerful in stopping recurring pain cycles caused by misalignment, inflammation, or illness. Breathing correctly and mindfully also increases the connection to the bigger picture of life and our role in manifesting happiness and meaning. Breath and movement done gently is a potent way to decrease arthritis, atrophy, and disconnection in the body and bring your body back to life and fullness. LOCATION: Yoga & Wellness at 245 Sir Francis Drake Blvd in San Anselmo, CA 94960

~ siennasmith.com
a man in supta virasana restorative yoga pose
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