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Spring is here (thank heavens)! What’s a yogi to do?

Spring is finally here, chasing off a cold and very wet winter. Trees are blossoming, creeks are flowing and the temperatures are creeping up. What does spring mean for our yoga practice?

Spring is a time of renewal, unfreezing, expanding, and washing away and we can reflect those traits in our yoga.

  • In Asana, we twist and create a wringing action to move muscle, fascia and organs. When we twist, we compress tissue and when we unravel from the twist our tissues flood with circulation, nourishment and hydration
  • With breathing practices we encourage full healthy function of our lungs, we calm our mind and encourage our nervous system to shift to a ‘rest and digest’ phase which boosts immunity and supports restful sleep
  • Combining breath and asana through vinyasa (linked sequences of movements tied to inhalation and exhalation) is an antidote for any sedentary inertia left over from the winter.
  • Ayurveda, often called the sister science to yoga, suggests we take care of our body with practices like dry brushing, oil massage, drinking warm lemon water
  • Yogic cleansing practice, jala neti, offers relief to many who suffer from spring allergies. Jala neti is done with a neti pot and warm salt water to rinse the sinuses. Not familiar with how to use a neti pot? Check out this post with all the deets.

Let’s move into spring with an intention of cleansing, growing and invigorating our lives! Want to join me in-person or on zoom? You can see my schedule on my classes page.

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[…] from hay fever for much of my adult life. Fortunately, allergies impact me less and less these days (thanks yoga!). But, whenever I have nasal congestion from allergies, colds, dust, etc… I reach for my neti […]

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